Wednesday, June 29, 2011

June 28, 2011

We did not have any excursions planned today.  I worked on my photos and blog most of the morning.  For lunch we made open face sandwiches of chicken liver pate, butter, cucumbers and tomatoes on rye bread.  The girls made a trip to the small market for more ice cream chips and soda.  S thinks I spend too much time on the computer so she has me on restriction.  She is like a Soviet police woman!

We planned to go out to do a few things, but I fainted! I have never fainted in my life.  I don't know why I have to have these new medical experiences in Latvia!  I was sitting at the desk top computer and had a drink sitting on the table.  I don't remember anything, but S told me I turned over the glass, said I was dizzy and slumped over.  She and L got me over to my sofa bed.  I woke up three or four minutes later and asked what they were doing.  They were cleaning the soda from the carpet.  I have had occasional events of low blood sugar, but never passed out!  S called Gertruda who told her I should eat nothing with sugar, but I should eat yogurt, keifer and black, hot tea.  I think S made up the rest which included no computer because the radiation is bad for me!.  There are a lot of old wive's tales here about health.  I protested about these restrictions but S informed me that Mama Gertruda knows more than me about almost everything and especially health issues!

After the girls cleaned up the floor, L plugged in the computer and it blew fuses or something.  There is no electricity in half of the apartment.  The foster Dad will come check it in the morning.  We have been able to determine that the computer, microwave, fridge, etc. all work.  Thank heavens, I could just see me buying new appliances here!

We had a wonderful day of sightseeing planned for tomorrow but S has determined that I am not healthy enough for it!  I can't seem to convince them that I feel fine!

I did not leave the apartment today so no new photos........

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