Sunday, June 26, 2011

June 21, 2011

After 24+ hours of travel we arrived in Kraslava.  We had 9 hour flight from Atlanta to Amsterdam.....they were selling tulips and wooden shoes in the airport!.....Then two hour flight to Prague and a 3 hour layover.  The countryside was beautiful coming into Prague.  Then 2 hour flight to Riga.  Surprise!  All our luggage arrived safe and sound!  Then, taxi ride to bus station where we arrived 7 minutes before departure.  Then 4 1/2 hour ride to Kraslava.  There was confusion about which bus station we would arrive at so we walked a mile to the apartment.  S's foster brother ran to meet us and help with the luggage.  Her foster mom met up with us on down the road.  We pulled luggage over some smooth sidewalks, but mostly gravel and cobblestone for the one mile trip to the apartment.  Then, a five flight walk up to the apartment.  A journey!  Gertruda had prepared a wonderful meal of stuffed cabbage, crab salad, fresh tomatoes and cucumbers and wonderful rye bread.  We socialized for a while and  by 10:00p.m. Latvia time were sleepy.  The others left and S and have the apartment to ourselves. 

She misses Marley and worries about him.  We called Robbie and got a good report on him which made S feel better. She asked was I sure I would say yes in court.  I tried to comfort her and told her God put us together so no one could take us apart.  She is worried the judge might say no.  Bless her heart.  I was afraid she might get back here and decide she wanted to stay.  All is well for now.  She is rushing me along to get ready for our trip to center city.  Will give you updates as we go.

God still works miracles and we are proof!

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