Friday, September 16, 2011

Almost There

It is early in the morning.  Sabina is still asleep.  We are going to spend today getting ready to leave tomorrow.  We head from Atlanta to Barcelona and then to Riga.  We spend four days taking care of embassy things to finalize Sabina's citizenship.  On Friday, we head home by way of Paris.  None of the layovers are long enough to see the city, but still interesting to travel through so many different areas.  I plan to post lots of photos.

I have been reflecting for a few hours.  This journey is about to get to a fork in the road.  It won't ever be over, but the adoption phase is about to come to an end.  Now maybe we can just live.  Now maybe we can fall into a routine and not live month to month putting off everything until we finish the next trip.  It is starting to be fall and the air feels wonderful.  When we return Sabina and I will drag out all of our fall decorations and decorate with pumpkins and fall colors.  That will be fun.  We hope to go camping in the Smokey Mountains this October.

I loaded my mp3 player with praise and worship music for the trip (thanks for the recommendations Dawn!).  I have had this thing for a year and just now am learning how to manage it! I need God to cover me with His majesty right now.  I don't understand it but I am trying to pull things back and do them on my own.  That never works!  I need to free fall with the Lord!  Thank you Lord for this long and wonderful, but scary journey.  Thank you Lord for this beautiful daughter I never expected to have.  I love you Lord......your daughter, Jama, the modern day Sarah!

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