Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Long Trip Home

In order to get a good fare through Delta we spent the night in Prague.  Once again, I need to check things more closely.  The shuttle between the airport and the hotel is NOT free!  In fact, it is $80 round trip!!  However, since we only have 19 hours in Prague and some of that time needs to be spent sleeping, we kind of got a good deal.  The shuttle driver (it was really a car, not a shuttle bus, and we were the only passengers) took us on a driving tour of the city en route to the hotel.  Of course, he was driving fast enough to compete with NASCAR, but we managed to get some good photos.....
The U. S. Embassy

 More of the Embassy
 The city is just beautiful!
 Check out this mode of transportation!
 More of the beautiful city
Part of the area known as the Ghetto during WWII
Our hotel was fine.  We had an elevator and air conditioning, and the breakfast was really free!  Not only that, we had two free drinks in the bar.....we selected hot tea of course!  The desk clerk directed us to a nearby restaurant where we had an excellent meal of local cuisine.  It was very reasonable, less than $20 for the both of us and I had a beer and Sabina had dessert.  They use their own currency.  I thought it would be Euros which I had figured out.  Not so.....and they measure in thousands.  I put the meal on my debit card so when we got back to the hotel I went on the internet to see how much it had really cost us.  That is how I know it was $20......I also discovered I had left a tip of $.18!  Don't you know the waitress is still talking about that dumb American!

Our flight was fine to Atlanta and we arrived on time.  We did not breeze through customs like at Christmas.  We were redirected to a room with lots of people from lots of countries.  The one next to me was a mail order bride!  My friend Marissa works for customs but back in the back checking agriculture.  She knew what flight we were on so came out to check on us.  Love her heart!!  I was really getting worried the longer we sat there.  She didn't do anything to influence anything but she did let me know what was going on so I was not so anxious.  After about two hours Sabina was approved to stay in the U. S. until January 2012!!!

When we came in the door Marley the dog leaped over the four foot fence and into Sabina's arms.  I don't know who was the happiest, Sabina or Marley!  Home sweet home!  She is my daughter and we are home. She says this is her home now.  I praise you God for all You have done and all You promise to do!!

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